Heartbase, Inc. Certified in ACC-NCDR Chest Pain – MI v3.1

CHICAGO, IL – As of June 30th, 2023, we are excited to announce that heartbase™ is officially certified by the ACC-NCDR for Version 3.1 of the Chest Pain – MI Registry Database. Heartbase users, please visit the heartbase hbKnowledgebase to view the recording of Carmen Ernst’s walkthrough of this new version – please click here. The heartbase staff highly recommends that users view the recording, as this version change was substantial in scope.

From the ACC-NCDR website:

“For more than a decade, the Chest Pain – MI Registry™ has been the single, most trusted source for outcomes-based, continuous quality improvement and remains the go-to registry for hospitals and health systems applying American College of Cardiology (ACC) and American Heart Association (AHA) clinical guideline recommendations.”

Participation offers:

  • Integration & Interoperability with other heartbase hbCOR registry events.
  • Interoperability options from other hospital systems, such as Epic Clarity, to allow for the pre-population of discrete fields.
  • A comprehensively streamlined & customizable electronic DCF, improving upon the flow and functionality of the ACC Online Tool, with options such as role-based access.
  • Simplified reporting with the hbQuery Tool, with measure reporting and other standard reports to follow.
  • Integration with the hbRecon Module to ensure CP-MI cases are correctly coded and billed, maximizing reimbursement.
  • Planned hbAnalytics updates to include new measure reporting and associated breakout reports.

If you’re a CP-MI data manager or abstractor and would like to take a look at our new forms, please contact heartbase Client Account Manager Alex Potanos to schedule a review session. 

About heartbase, Inc.

Heartbase™ is a privately-held company founded in 1992 and designed to be intuitive & centered on the needs of the clinician. Since our inception, we have known that the most effective way to develop a robust and reflexive software platform is through collegial partnerships with our clinical & financial users. Working directly with our customers – listening to their concerns and honoring their suggestions for improvement – allows us to build a tool that is fast, efficient, and tailored specifically to the individual needs of each healthcare institution.

Heartbase, Inc. Certified for ACC-NCDR Auxilary Dataset Shockwave Intravascular Lithotripsy (IVL) Dataset for Collection & Submission

CHICAGO, IL – Heartbase is officially certified for the ACC-NCDR Auxiliary Shockwave Intravascular Lithotripsy (IVL) Dataset v1.0 for the CathPCI registry. This optional update has been included as part of the hbCOR v7.5.02 update package, no additional downtime will be required for sites that are interested in participating.

Highlights of the heartbase ACC-NCDR Auxiliary Shockwave Intravascular Lithotripsy (IVL) Dataset v1.0:

  • Complimentary update – no annual or set up fees.
  • Shared Data Entry Tool with the ACC-NCDR CathPCI registry.
  • Shared reporting with ACC-NCDR CathPCI registry including an interactive user-friendly query tool.
  • Integration across all heartbase registries including ACC-NCDR, STS, & GWTG.
  • Optional interoperability with the EHR and other hospital systems.

If you’re an ACC-NCDR CathPCI data manager or abstractor and have any questions, please contact heartbase trainer Carmen Ernst for more information.

About heartbase, Inc. For 30 years, heartbase has provided inventive cardiac database and reporting solutions to hospitals across the United States through a dedication to clinician-focused design and client-centered collegial partnerships. Through this commitment, heartbase has pioneered the most innovative and clinically intuitive tools for standardized & custom registries (STS, ACC-NCDR, GWTG, CMS, ELSO, State, & Custom datasets), advanced analytics (interactive dashboards & ad-hoc querying), system interoperability (EHR & other hospital system interfacing), and financial & coding reconciliation (toolkits to identify areas for increased reimbursement).

Heartbase, Inc. Now Supports the ACC-NCDR CathPCI Risk-Adjusted Measures

Standardized Bleeding & Risk Adjusted Bleeding, In-Hospital Risk Adjusted Mortality & 30-Day Risk Adjusted Mortality, and Risk Adjusted Acute Kidney Injury & Risk Adjusted Dialysis

CHICAGO, IL – Heartbase now officially licenses the ACC-NCDR CathPCI Adjusted Measures for CathPCI: Standardized Bleeding & Risk Adjusted Bleeding, In-Hospital Risk Adjusted Mortality & 30-Day Risk Adjusted Mortality, and Risk Adjusted Acute Kidney Injury & Risk Adjusted Dialysis. This update will be available in both the standard hbReporting and hbAnalytics platforms.

Highlights of heartbase’s support of the CathPCI Risk-Adjusted Measures include:

  • Network, Hospital, Provider, and Patient-Level Drill-through with real-time analysis of outliers.
  • Integration of the risk-adjusted measures into the Executive Summary reports – with additional breakout dashboards.
  • Optional financial integration with the heartbase Financial Module.

If you’re an ACC-NCDR CathPCI data manager or abstracter and have any questions, please contact heartbase Account Manager Alex Potanos (apotanos@heartbase.net) for more information.

About heartbase, Inc. Since 1992, heartbase™ has provided health care centers with the most technologically innovative and clinically intuitive data management and analytic solution in the industry. Working collegially with its immense network of users, heartbase™ has created a vast library of reporting tools that provides its clients with complete control of their hospital-owned clinical data. Heartbase’s revolutionary hbCOR platform propels clinical performance, aligns clinical data with registry requirements, and unites health care systems from across our network to the most comprehensive reporting repository in the industry.

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