Introduced in 1992, heartbase® continues to be at the forefront of data management and analytics. Installed nationwide in more than 180 prestigious institutions, heartbase® actively collaborates with clients and members of the healthcare community to deliver a state of the art CVIS solution.

International Standards Pioneer – Preparing you for the Future

Always vital in the industry, heartbase® has been working with the IHE (Integrating Healthcare Enterprise) Cardiology Planning and Technical Committee since 2009- helping our clients prepare for future CV industry standards. heartbase® president Nicholas Gawrit currently serves as co-chair of the Technical Committee, contributing on various profiles including authoring the IHE CRC (Cath Report Content) Profile and the IHE EPRC-IE (Electrophysiology Report Content – Implant/Explant) Profile.

Additionally, heartbase® has heavily contributed in the development of the TAVR Registry Submission profile, which will be tested at the 2017 IHE North American Connectathon; and on the ACC’s newly required CathPCI Registry Submission Profile, which heartbase® successfully tested on in January 2015.

Heartbase® is also a participating author for two upcoming Health Policy Statements: HRS 2016 Health Policy Statement on Structured Reporting for Ablation & HRS 2016 Health Policy Statement on Structured Reporting for Implants/Explants.

IHE is an initiative by healthcare professionals to improve the way computer systems in healthcare share information. Systems developed in accordance with IHE communicate with one another better, are easier to implement, enable care providers to use information more effectively, and conform with key interoperability capabilities in emerging Meaningful Use Stage 3 and FHIR certification requirements.

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