Heartbase, Inc. Officially Supports the STS Adult Cardiac Beta Blocker & General Thoracic Neo-Adjuvant Supplemental Forms

CHICAGO, IL – We are excited to announce that heartbase™ officially supports the STS Adult Cardiac Beta Blocker Supplemental Form for v4.20.2 and General Thoracic Neo-Adjuvant Supplemental Form for v5.21.1. On April 30th, heartbase clinical specialist Carmen Ernst, RN, BSN, will hold a special training class covering the ins and outs of these optional updates. Heartbase customers can click here to register.

From the STS:
“Advances in medicine, technology and research interests has generated the need for The Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS) to collect additional data from sites related to the already existing registries: Adult Cardiac Surgery Database (ACSD), General Thoracic Surgery Database (GTSD), and Congenital Heart Surgery Database (CHSD). This information is needed in a timely manner and cannot wait until the registries have completed a full data specification upgrade. To facilitate obtaining this data as soon as possible, the STS is providing REDCap web pages and is asking sites to voluntarily use these forms for recording the supplemental data.

Many sites have expressed the desire to not have to switch to a different platform for recording any additional information, preferring to keep all data entry within their current vendor software. For this reason, STS is making the specifications for these data collection forms available to software vendors who are already certified on the latest versions of each registry so the new fields can be incorporated into their existing software. There is no requirement from the STS for vendors to incorporate these fields into their software and doing so is completely voluntary.”

Participation using hbCOR offers:

  • A single location to capture and audit both standard and supplemental STS ACSD & GTSD variables.
  • Ability to run AD HOC reports using the hbQuery Tool for the supplemental fields.
  • Facilitated submission to REDCap – vendors must submit the supplemental data to the STS on behalf of the organization.

Please contact the heartbase Sales Team (sales@heartbase.net) with any questions about adding this optional form to your heartbase hbCOR instance.

About heartbase, Inc.

Heartbase™ is a privately-held company founded in 1992 and designed to be intuitive & centered on the needs of the clinician. Since our inception, we have known that the most effective way to develop a robust and reflexive software platform is through collegial partnerships with our clinical & financial users. Working directly with our customers – listening to their concerns and honoring their suggestions for improvement – allows us to build a tool that is fast, efficient, and tailored specifically to the individual needs of each healthcare institution.

Our primary major business lines are the following: hbCOR, Data Capture & Reporting; hbAnalytics, Realtime Clinical & Financial Dashboards; hbRecon, Coding Reconciliation & Revenue Generation; & hbNote, Data First Structured Reporting.

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