Press Release: heartbase to Partner with Health Outcomes Sciences

Heartbase, Inc., the premier database in healthcare, has partnered with Kansas City, Missouri-based Health Outcomes Sciences, Inc. (HOS), a provider of groundbreaking predictive analytics. HOS has an exclusive contract with the ACC-NCDR for a number of risk stratification modules, including real-time risk adjustments for PCI In-Hospital Mortality, PCI Bleeding, Acute Kidney Injury, and PCI 30-Day Readmission. These models can be implemented for both predictive and retrospective scoring, and can be embedded directly into existing heartbase™ reports and dashboards. Paired with heartbase’s groundbreaking registry submission and reporting software, HOS’s risk models will greatly strengthen the reporting and research capabilities of heartbase™ healthcare clients to quickly identify risk factors and improve clinical care.

“As the hospital industry continues to shift to a pay-for-performance model, predictive analytics are becoming increasingly vital for healthcare providers,” said Stephen Gawrit, Director of Sales and Operations at heartbase, Inc. “Health Outcomes Sciences provides the most influential predictive models in the industry, and their level of expertise and innovation is unparalleled. Heartbase is excited to work with HOS to provide our customers with the most powerful reporting tools in healthcare.”

“We are really excited to team up with heartbase and are looking forward to helping improve outcomes through the use of predictive analytics. The combination of heartbase and the ePRISM(r) platform from HOS will provide a solid foundation for hospitals and health systems to excel in this era of value-based care,” said Ryan Fox, Vice President of Sales and Marketing with Heath Outcomes Sciences Inc.

About Health Outcomes Sciences

Health Outcomes Sciences is driving the practice of precision medicine through its patented content enablement platform, ePRISM®, which translates scientific models into automated evidence-based decision support solutions. By helping health and life science organizations — as well as allied technology partners — deliver the power of personalized predictive science at the point of care, the company facilitates significant and measurable improvements in clinical and financial outcomes, variations in care, appropriate use and rational consumption of resources. The company’s solutions are specialty agnostic, scalable at the enterprise level and employ a cloud-hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS) business model.

About heartbase, Inc.

Since 1992, heartbase™ has provided health care centers with the most technologically innovative and clinically intuitive data management and analytic solution in the industry. Working collegially with its immense network of users, heartbase™ has created a vast library of reporting tools that provides its client with complete control of its hospital-owned clinical data. Heartbase’s revolutionary hbCOR platform propels clinical performance, aligns clinical data with registry requirements, and unites health care systems from across our network to the most comprehensive reporting repository in the industry.



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