Harness results-oriented reporting that addresses concurrent procedure noting, national registry submissions, process improvement initiatives, reimbursement submission, and clinical research.

Offering a comprehensive range of reporting options at point of care, physician, practice, region, and network levels, reports are focused on utilizing data to provide keen insight into procedure and performance.

hb Procedure Notes

Key Features

  • Dictationless Procedure Noting
  • Adherence to Health Policy Statements and IHE Standards for Procedure Noting
  • Elimination of Transcription Time
  • Customization of narrative available for fields specific to procedure
  • Inclusion of billing codes for accurate billing information
  • Provision for Electronic Signature
  • Harmonization to National Registry Data Elements
  • Chart Review Process Reduction
  • Concurrent Data Capture Workflow
  • Fully integrated with all heartbase® event data — ACC, STS, AHA, GWTG, CMS, and The Joint Commission
  • Industry standards for data normalization using SNOMED-CT, RxNorm, LOINC, ICD-10, & CPT
  • HL7 C-CDA

product_procedure_noteshbSurgical OP Note: is a customizable reporting tool constructed using discrete STS data elements along with “real time” surgeon dictation. Paperless OP Notes improves workflow and maximizes reimbursement as billing codes are included in the narrative. The coronary tree is produced graphically for EHR and patient distribution.

hbCathPCI Procedure Note: Through ADT/hemodynamic interfaces and concurrent data entry, this electronic note provides clinical data derived from the cath procedure narrative utilizing ACC-NCDR data elements, ICD-10, SNOMED, LOINC, RxNorm and CPT/HCPCS codes. Allows for embedded coronary tree diagram with stenosis level detail.

product_procedure_notes2hbEP Procedure Note (Implants/Explants): Capturing data from ADT/hemodynamic/EP recording system interfaces and concurrent data entry, this electronic note fully integrates clinical data derived from the cardiac EP ICD procedure by creating a narrative utilizing ACC-NCDR data elements, ICD-10, SNOMED, LOINC, RxNorm and procedural/diagnosis related codes.

hb Reporting

Key Features

  • Over 400 Standard Reports
  • Multi-site Executive & NQF Measure Reporting by Network, Region, Hospital, Practice, & Physician
  • Financial Integration
  • Predictive Analytics — SPSS, SAS, MiniTab
  • Patient Level Drilldown
  • Longitudinal Ad Hoc Reporting — No Table Joining Required
  • MD Pass/Fail Scorecards
  • STS Risk Adjusted Reporting
  • Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC) for PCIs
  • Medication Analysis
  • Complication Metric Reporting
  • Mission Lifeline Reporting

product_reportingReport run time is streamlined with hbQ which enables the user to generate multiple report requests, create a report queue and utilize a batch processing feature on the server. Reports may be displayed in IBM-SPSS® which is native to heartbase® or in multiple output formats such as SAS™, MiniTab™, and Microsoft Excel™.

hbCOR Dashboards are the revolutionary way to improve clinical outcomes and the financial bottom-lines in one dynamic, easy to use package.  Using the IBM-Cognostm Suite, hbCOR transforms clinical & financial information into an easily managed task.  With scalability from the Physician Practice, Clinic, Hospital/Region/Network; financial data can easily be integrated with hbCOR clinical models.

The graft diagram is a valuable tool that we can use to provide our patients… prompt information enhancing the patient’s medical care by showing them a “picture” of the operation to help them better understand the performed procedure.

Solution FAQ

All reports include a .csv file and can be configured to auto-pdf the report.

Users can quickly query any field from any registry without manual table joining. The user simply defines the parameters and clicks run – the report parameters can be saved so that the report can be run at a later time.

Patient listings can be programmed and automatically generated. In addition, through our Advanced HIPAA module, we track every single change made in the database from a user accessing a record to adding a new patient. The HIPAA module also tracks all changes made by installed interfaces. Our HIPAA module is in accordance with Meaningful Use Stage 1 – Security and Privacy.

Customer Support

Heartbase® provides consulting services to assist you, before, during, and after your purchase, maximizing the effectiveness of your heartbase® software. With proven methodologies to ensure that the installation and deployment of our database solution achieves the objectives you set, within the budget and timeframe you establish, heartbase® is relationship-driven and prides itself on its personalized customer support. Services, including technical assistance, training, version upgrades to datasets, and screen and field customizations, are available via phone, on site visits, or through Citrix or VPN connection, and WebEx.

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